Our Portfolio.

Googlphotographer.scot has been an ongoing series of projects over the last number of years. I am a dedicated 360 Photographer who has sought to build up a quality portfolio of work during this time. I've been privileged to photograph many historic and interesting buildings and meet great characters on the journey thus far.

Bespoke Interactive Tour.

Several years ago I successful managed to complete a step by step Virtual tour of Galway City Museum. Working closely with the the Museum's Marketing & Communications point person, we successfully managed to further enhance the Virtual Tour to provide key information points and then hyper link these to the Museum's more robust online information. As a direct result both the Museum and its resources have been available online ever since 24/7, 365, from any device anywhere in the world. This was a key project as I was able to display the full potential of the services I could offer clients. During this COVID-19 lockdown the Museum has remained virtually opened and the Heritage and History within along with the Museum's online resources have been laid out in a structred way ensuring online viewers have had constant access.


A significant moment as a Google Trusted Photographer was when I was selected by Google to complete a short contract of work across the UK providing virtual tours of their Google Digital Garages. Considering there is over 1'000 such like photographers across the UK this was an important affirmation that my work was up to spec! Google had partnered with Good Things foundation to bring the digital garage programme to the online centres network and the people in their communities. From July 2016 10,000 additional people will be helped through 100 community organisations within the online centres network, reaching out to help people in their local area to improve their digital skills to make the most of their business. Small businesses, sole traders and people setting up businesses will be supported to make the most of digital garage resources so they can find a new job, set-up a new business, or make their businesses more efficient and profitable.


Most recently I was based in Glasgow, where I met a local photographer, a fantastic character and a lively conversationalist.  The humanity within his photography was truly inspiring. He is one of the World's most recognised War Photographers and his work photographing conflicts all over the world for the last 40 years was a stunning photographic exhibition. I was humbled to complete a Virtual Tour of Mr. David Pratt's 'Only With The Heart' exhibition, Sogo Arts, Glasgow.


One of the key advantages to the Virtual Tour hosted on Google is its effectiveness as a Mass Digital Marketing tool. When the Virtual tour is uploaded to Google, a key demographic to benefit is the 'tourist yet to arrive.' The accessibility of a Venue on Google provides that bit more confidence to secure itinerary plans from Trip Advisor and other Tourist driven sites. I was very fortunate in Edinburgh to establish a good working relationship with Caledonian Heritable which resulted in Virtual Tours of city's most iconic venues, The Dome and the Famous Peartree:


The nature of this work involves travel. As I journeyed I was impressed by the cities I visited and the history and experience of being in that place at that time. One such city was Galway. It is a vibrant city and the street musicians on Shop Street provide the city with a uniqueness matched only by its musicians. There's a reason why people kick the wall at Blackrock point at the end of the promenade. The following virtual tours are dedicated to the people of Galway. Gaillimh Abú.